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Hesse, Barnor. Their choices are to get a new costly education or work in menial jobs or in jobs below their qualifications. I also want to thank the anonymous readers for their helpful suggestions which helped me sharpen my argument. However, to give only a summary of the demographics of the country would reduce the complexities of Trinidadian society to such a degree it would be misleading. According to Peter S. What are the major hindrances to multicultural education in Malaysia 3 6. Yuh states that she was brought up thinking that America was only for whites and the other people were not part of the American history. Focussing often on the situation of women, their poetry exposes multiple forms of oppression and silencing on the grounds of the nexus of class, race, and gender. What are the technologies used to govern the multicultural society? Yuh defines social prejudice as a subtle moral and social problem affecting people and populations all over the world.

The articulation of these contrasting, albeit related forces, greatly transformed the ways in which the question of multiculturalism through the arts has been addressed in the country.

As such, the discursive complex has concerned itself with cultural status and value, intervening in such areas as education, syllabi, linguistics, the literary canon, and standards of beauty. I focus on Trinidad in particular because its population by any standard is judged to be one of the most multicultural in the region.

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The historical and political events of not only bolstered ethnic pride, but also prompted East Indian as well as non-East Indian scholars to document East Indian musical practices and their contributions to the country.

Masquerade revelers on Carnival Tuesday, Diethrich, Gregory Michael. Figure 1.

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She knows that what is wanted in multicultural Canada is not traditionalist cultural enclaves but cultural groups that are open to cultural and linguistic influences of the host culture.

The last point is that even though the question of multiculturalism has been conceived in Trinidad, as in many other countries, as going beyond race, it has indeed provided a new terrain on which to deploy as well as to resist it.

Hintzen, Percy C. If they are printed in Standard English, they are read and performed in the Jamaican rhythm that rather resembles a reggae beat with its different pronunciation, accentuation, and lighter stress than the heavily stressed RP English.

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I want to thank the organizers, and especially Pirkko Moisala for inviting me to write on the subject. She has to come to terms with the cultural two-ness of immigrants who constantly negotiate home and host cultures. What is Multicultural Education 3 5. The political and economic valuation of cultural hybridities in Trinidad can also be traced to the world music trends that have influenced local musicians and publics alike. What is the role of the arts in addressing these issues? Bourne, Compton. A report indicates that Trinidad boasted as many as seven television stations and four local cable-only television stations. The articulation of these contrasting, albeit related forces, greatly transformed the ways in which the question of multiculturalism through the arts has been addressed in the country.

It briefly outlines the concept of multiculturalism, its fallacies and inadequacies, followed by an introduction to dub poetry. Several individuals, Indo-Trinidadians in particular, seized this neoliberal moment as an opportunity both to make their voices heard and to enjoy their fair share of the market through greater exposure.

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