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Give visitors a reason to move down the page and expect to find some fun stuff.

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Avoid superlatives. Scroll down further, however, and you see something interesting. Tell your backstory. That was the catalyst for her to start the company, which today successfully sells its products in Whole Foods and other major chains. Stuffy, formal copy can be dull. Whether you own a business or manage email newsletters for clients, you need an email—marketing service that takes care of the complicated stuff so you can focus on your job. You can, too. Contain an email sign up form Since writing this post I have included an email sign up form on my About page and have seen a hugely successful subscriber rate. Twitter The Twitter About Page is a laser-focused sales pitch for their entire brand. Now you know how to create your About page. Call-to-action: Where do you send people after they have read your About page?

Please note that comments on this post are now closed but you can always let me know what you think on Twitter or leave a message on a newer post. That goal is to tell the user who you are by showing them what you can do for them or have done for others.

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What it does best, however, is state its place in the furniture industry against bigger competitors and tell a story about small business experience and passion going up against the status quo that was built by bigger chains. Pick your top choice and stick to it everywhere on your website.

Every return customer represents a person whose trust continues to be held. Because a lot of people go to his website to find out how to actually write an About Us page. Answering those questions and more is a tall order, but one you should approach with enthusiasm. Related Posts:.

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It could be your own photo, a custom logo, a short video — you choose. The thing about Darren is that he is his own brand.

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How to Write a Killer “About Us” Page & Convert Visitors into Customers