Work discrimination and public services

Work discrimination and public services

Bringing society in: Toward a theory of public-service motivation. Google Scholar Jeffreys, H. The public-private distinction in organization theory: A critique and research strategy. Example You're an Irish Traveller. Google Scholar Bamberger, P. Chichester, UK: Wiley. Declining bias and gender wage discrimination? Statistical Science, 2: — Google Scholar Kelman, S. Academy of Management Journal,

A European agenda on migration. This could be unlawful disability discrimination.

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Unequal chances: Ethnic minorities in Western labour markets. Is bigger better? Understanding and tackling societal grand challenges through management research. Google Scholar Hooghe, M.

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Google Scholar Campbell, J. Yet, little is known about sector differences in employment discrimination and whether public sector organizations are more or less likely than private firms to ethnically discriminate against prospective employees.

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Choosing public sector employment: The impact of wages on the representation of women and minorities in state bureaucracies. Whitened resumes: Race and self-presentation in the labor market.

Exploring the black box: An analysis of work group diversity, conflict and performance.

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Google Scholar Morey, R. She or he shall directly determine the J-PART, — Google Scholar Andraszewicz, S. Google Scholar Cox, R. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, — Discrimination across the sectors: A comparison of discrimination trends in private and public organizations.
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Amendments to Public Service Regulations: briefing by Department