Tooth enamel and teeth

Whilst tooth decay cannot be stopped entirely, preventative steps can be taken which stop the decay doing any serious damage to the teeth. Use a fluoride mouthwash: By adding mouthwash to your oral care routine that contains fluoride, you protect against cavities in hard-to-reach areas and help neutralize that plaque bacteria in your mouth that can weaken enamel.

Good snacks:. These minerals bond to the surface of the teeth and are drawn to weak points in the enamel. This is known as buffering.

tooth enamel paint

Enamel is the outermost layer of our teeth, and protects our pearly whites from wear and tear. How important is it? Working to bring the pH level back to a neutral 7, it is as this point a period of healing can essentially begin.

How to Stop Enamel Erosion Tooth enamel loss puts your teeth at increased risk for tooth decay. Chewing-gums with sugar are not recommended because sugar triggers the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

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What is Tooth Enamel?