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I am nothing more than a puppet held by a string.

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A: The equator he draws a circle and a horizontal diameter. Like many of the wives and lovers of Surrealists, she is both at the center of the autographic process and utterly unacknowledged. The method originated with the Surrealists, who believed that forcing yourself to write whatever comes into your head without self-editing will lead to surprising creative breakthroughs. Breton was influenced by psychological theories, especially those concerning the subconscious , and defined surrealism as "pure psychic automatism … The dictation of thought, in the absence of all control by reason, excluding any aesthetic or moral preoccupation. He later helped found the Society for Psychical Research. Share your work with others. One may well add Baudelaire to this list of precursors. Freud was clearly not the only influence on these proto-surrealists. Janet viewed automatic writing, sleep walking, multiple personalities, and hypnosis all as variants of somnambulism.

The Brazilian medium Francisco Chico Xavier, born inwas one of the most prolific automatic writers in history, having produced about a hundred thousand pages of work.

Origins[ edit ] Automatism has taken on many forms: the automatic writing and drawing initially and still to this day explored by the surrealists can be compared to similar or parallel phenomena, such as the non-idiomatic improvisation.

Mark Pollizotti has written a recent, extensive biography Revolution of the Mind Xavier began his automatic writing in primary schoolwhere he won an essay contest with an essay he claimed came from a spirit.

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Louis housewife named Pearl Curran believed she had contacted a spirit named Patience Worth through the Ouija board. He believed that his writings originated from higher spirits and were intended for good.

His theories were unfortunately skewed by his own neuroses and by the narrow sample of society represented by his predominantly Viennese Jewish clientele. Pablo Picasso was also thought to have expressed a type of automatic drawing in his later work, and particularly in his etchings and lithographic suites of the s.

Examples of automatic drawing were produced by mediums and practitioners of the psychic arts. The dream narratives, the exquisite corpses and writing under hypnosis are all the others techniques used by the Surrealists to combine happenstance and unconsciousness into writing.

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Surrealist Automatism