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retailing management 9th edition pdf free download

Known for its strategic look at retailing and current coverage, this edition continues to be organized around a model of strategic decision-making. Retailing is a high tech, global, growth industry that provides challenging and rewarding career opportunities for college graduates.

retailing management pdf

The text provides a balanced treatment of strategic, "how to," and conceptual material, in a highly readable and interesting format. Each chapter relates back to this overarching strategic framework.

retailing management 9th edition pdf free

In preparing this edition, the authors focused on five important developments: 1 the use of big data and analytical methods for decision making, 2 the application of social media and smart phones for communicating with customers and enhancing their shopping experience, 3 the issues involved in utilizing a mobile channel and providing a seamless multichannel experience for customers, 4 the engagement in corporate social responsibility activities - the consideration of society when making business decisions, and 5 the impact of globalization on the retail industry.

The sixth edition continues its cutting edge coverage on the latest topics and developments in retailing including globalization, customer relationship management programs, multi-channel retailing, supply chain management, and the use of the Internet to improve operating efficiencies and customer service.

Retailers like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Amazon, Starbucks, and Kroger are some of the most admired and sophisticated businesses in the world.

Dhruv brings years of academic experience to the project, as evidenced by dozens of retailing-related articles that he has co-authored.

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Retailing Management by Michael Levy