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A bakery business is easy to start up and can be run from a home kitchen or factory. Fish Farming Business in Bangladesh This is another lucrative business idea to start your own business in Bangladesh. You can add some sanitary items too for trading.

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I think no. Google AdSense is a revenue sharing project where you can earn safe, limitless and secure money by monetizing your website. You can also hire one or two mechanics who can be paid on work basis only. A bakery business is easy to start up and can be run from a home kitchen or factory. For any women, a beauty parlor has become an essential part of their life. Custom Gift Shop I know how difficult to find out the right gift for someone special or for special occasions. Once you rent a shop in any part of town in Bangladesh, you are sure to have loads of people trooping to your barbing salon even without advert. The demand in high.

Online advertising is a good way to market your furniture. A departmental store is where your customer will find all kind of grocery, cosmetics and daily needs items.

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Monetize your website with Google AdSense If you have a website where you are getting lots of visitors then you can monetarize your site with Google AdSense. If you monitor carefully you can see chicken firm and fish cultivation is increasing tremendously day by day. If you are an accredited investor and are looking for a place to establish a profitable company, then you should consider establishing a food processing company in Bangladesh because of all the positives you stand to gain. If you have a unique design, know your customers demand then you will succeed. If you have a good communication skill that you can do business like this. Furniture Shop Today furniture is the most increasing industry in Bangladesh. Basically, we know the customers of a beauty parlor are female. If you want to start a side business, then a fish farming business is a good option. Ticket Booking Service Ticket booking may seem easy but not for everyone. You can train your security guards to handle all type of conditions. You can also hire one or two mechanics who can be paid on work basis only. Initially, you can start it from your home and gradually you can expand and give it a proper look of a coaching center by renting a medium size room. Cooking Classes One of the best business options for home sitting ladies.

Food Truck This trend is becoming rapidly popular in all metro cities now. Most of the aluminium related business is highly cost intensive. Leather belt Manufacturing Business Among all the manufacturing business ideas this is the most profitable business in Bangladesh.

So a gym or fitness center is a profitable business idea. Hire a good mechanic and provide reasonable warranties on sell. This is not only a hobby.

In this article, I have shared 30 small yet high profitable business ideas in Bangladesh. Automobile repairing is the most successful small business until now. Mobile Phone Repairing Mobile phone repairing is still one of the most highly profitable business in Bangladesh.

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