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These contraptions retrieve a neat cube-shaped chunk of the seabed and bring it to the surface enclosed in a steel box.

Another field of research within marine or aquatic biology involves organisms that have been around for billions of years: protists. Any aspect of the marine ecosystem can be written about when you custom order your project.

With the support of international agencies such as the World Bank, many countries are now implementing natural capital accounting procedures through legislation. Tools and equipment for this career includes lab animals, X-Ray and other lab equipment, computers, spectrophotometers, collections of specimens, and a Starting no later than high school, a Marine Biologist should obtain a solid education in as many basic sciences as possible including chemistry, physics, and biology.

Initially, scientists credited the species richness to the stability of environmental conditions in the deep ocean, which would support extreme specialization of the animals and thus allow many species to coexist.

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How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean. Scientists including TED speaker John Delaney present a vision for the future where ecosystem-based management, coupled with the advent of new technologies that allow us to monitor ocean health in real time, provide us with tools to heal marine ecosystems.

Although it seems like a modern preoccupation, sustainability is actually a centuries-old challenge, particularly as it relates to marine environments.

During this expedition, Ross and Hooker retrieved organisms from sounding leads at depths of up to 1.

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Researchers apply molecular approaches and techniques to many environments, from coastal ponds to the deep sea, and many different organisms, from microscopic bacteria, plants, and animals to marine mammals. To contact the web manager, please visit our contact page.

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