John woo and the hong kong cinema

The complex choreography of the action sequences in his films owes a clear debt to the Hollywood musical, with its integration of rhythm, movement and colour.

I think the audience are looking for something different, too, but they haven't seen anything groundbreaking yet. Though hardly minimalist, Windtalkers represents a new level of refinement and suggests that Woo's career, already one of the most fertile in contemporary film, has yet to produce its last surprise.

As a real man, he was loyal to everything - loyal to yourself and loyal to your country, to your family and friends. A complex story of adversaries—each of whom surgically alters their identity—law enforcement agent John Travolta and terrorist Nicolas Cage play a cat-and-mouse game, trapped in each other's outward appearance.

But the secretary-general seems calm about pressure from these rivals, and others: "I think Korea put us under pressure for a period of time. The need for protection, the search for a safe harbour, remains a constant undercurrent in Woo's work. Cage's distrustful sergeant and Beach's naive private develop a relationship that follows Woo's usual operatic pattern of loyalty and betrayal, but it does so with a sense of nuance and a conciseness of gesture that is new to his work.

John woo and the hong kong cinema

Mission: Impossible 2 was the highest-grossing film in America in despite its receiving mixed reviews. Let us know in the comments below … Topics.

Japan has been very steady over the last few years. After finishing his Hong Kong career with the highly personal Bullet in the Head - a saga of three boyhood friends who become gangsters in Vietnam - and the more frankly commercial Once a Thief and Hard-Boiled, Woo left for the United States.

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And the audience lost confidence in Hong Kong film. In Hard-Boiled, Woo's last Hong Kong feature, the cynical cop played by Yun-Fat Chow finds his refuge in a smoky jazz bar managed by Woo himself, appearing in a cameo; the film ends in an extravagant shoot-out in the children's ward of a hospital, which finds Chow cradling an infant in his arms as he blasts away at an army of attackers. You could argue that overproduction and declining quality are exactly what happened in LA when the DVD cash started flooding in in the noughties. We got sick of the so-called fantastic action films. The first could mean a bite of the juicy Mandarin orange, the huge Chinese film market everyone is eyeing up these days; the second, more flexibility to cut different versions China-approved films can only exist in a single version for different audiences, including one for the lucrative Cantonese-speaking market, comprising some million, that exists in Hong Kong, Guangdong, Malaysia and beyond. The futuristic setting was changed to a contemporary one. The films often present a rudderless family weakened by the absence of an authority figure. The quantity of productions went up, which meant the quality went down. Hong Kong producers have a big decision to make before they take a single step. Produced on a grand scale, it is his first film in China since he emigrated from Hong Kong to the United States in

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Back in action: the fall and rise of Hong Kong film