Exciting picture to write a story

The pot is boiling, and you know the water will reach a boil. Ready to write your short story? Search Pinterest with appropriate keywords. Write your story in a single sitting.

images for creative writing

Or who knows? There are multiple things that can fall through and cause a very sudden change to the action.

series of pictures for story writing

Forget the clock, go for the boil. Kindergarten to 5th Grade This picture shows a child who dropped her ice cream cone on the ground.

Exciting picture to write a story

You can ask on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media platform you hang out on. Take notes. A college professor does Rosetta Stone for like 2 hours? Those are the wrong questions. Forget the clock, go for the boil. As long as it's not the first one, you're golden. For example, if your characters are in a dark-looking cave with huddled stances and frightened expressions, you can start the story mentioning that they are all lost and worried. What are the odds of that being any good? A fairy prince who decides to abandon his responsibilities to become a street musician. Take a good look. Students color the picture and write a creative story.

Explain the scene and color the picture. And yet, week after week, the show is pretty damn compelling. Start writing, whether words form in your mind or not.

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