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My parents are also invited to the school annual function. Task: Please write a short essay to 1, words about yourself and your interest in science.

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I respect my teachers, my fellow beings, my school and every thing that is associated with my school. Therefore, I always value sincerity, kindness and dedication of purpose in my life.

If a question like that is too global for your work, you can just include the things that you enjoy.

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All the members of my family are broad and open minded. My school is like another Godsend gift for me. I want to join civil services. I always pay attention to my study and motivate my friends as well to focus on their study.

Persuade people that your essay is worth reading, and your personality is so fascinating that they absolutely need to read it.

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However, sometimes I do react angrily when things do not go as per the plan. I reach school on exact time. In this way, you will be able to express fully about your personality, your interests and your future goals. I study in class six in the city grammar school. The major part is to be a participant; winning is not always a must. But whenever, I am free I love playing luddo game with my friends. I want to do something creative. The closing part plays an important role in the essay, and it may be even more important that the main body. I participate actively in games like cricket, football, volleyball. My free time passes very quickly when I am drawing. I myself feel lucky in that sense, being socialized under the shade and guidance of the most respected and loved fellows. Finding out who you are just takes the time of sitting down and thinking of the importance in your life.

I live with my family in the Rajnagar colony in Ghaziabad. I go to school with my school bus daily at right time in the morning at 7 am and come to home at 2 pm in the afternoon. I am very punctual and humble.

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I never regard my failure as a curse rather an opportunity to improve and to improvise. My parents has always taught me to be straightforward and bold. Task: Please write a short essay to 1, words about yourself and your interest in science. I am a senior in the US high school who was in love with rock music as long as I can remember myself, and that is why I used this famous Bon Jovi quote to succeed. I try to speak to every person according to his requirement. Our house is also charming and well furnished. Community essay an the thesis in one very of, writing an essay about yourself, comparing often and to a!
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My Self Essay for Children and Students