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Given that effective communication is intended to change the management pattern of the management of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc.

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They also want organizations to pursue goals that are important to them but not necessarily to the organization--such as jobs for workers, safe products, less pollution, and a safe community.

This occurred once VSC decided to create a research program for their scientists; this program split nine individuals into three groups.

A dissection of literature on HRM and effective communication shows that several companies employ various perspectives to achieve higher levels of employee satisfaction.

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Media Tours The company also gave media an opportunity to tour its production plants and investigate any information concerning the crisis. The American public gradually started to believe and support Pepsi. Thus the internal publics involved are employees, management.

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Impact of the Communication The communication by the company clarified the allegation which was made without investigation. It relayed a pride in its product and took a firm stance and said no to the recall. It is important to mention that Help desk has number of key roles to play in the daily operations of business. It showed that it was virtually tamper resistant. At first no one had a clue of the connection between the Extra-Strength Tylenol and the deaths of the seven victims. In accordance with the NMC code of conduct I shall be using a pseudonym to discuss my patient. The case study shows just how drastically the possibility. It should be noted that this can cause enormous pressure and ambivalence for any affected company and its staff. The company used effective communication to explain what happed and to convince the public that it was not their mistake. In Chapter three, the method of data collected and the techniques for analysis will be discussed. Through further investigation it was found that those pill capsules had been laced with cyanide.

The activities can be in the form of a corporate social responsibility. This is why importance of organizational communication has been stressed by reasoning that communication is not a secondary function or helper for other more basic function, but is the essence of all organized activity.

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