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Conversion of forests to croplands and wetlands to shrimp farms has fed a human population that has more than doubled since the s, but at a devastating cost to other species — such as pollinating insects and oxygen-producing plants — on which our climate, economy and well-being depend.

It causes a lot of environmental issues and health problems not only to humans, but to all creatures on the earth.

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Air and water quality in cities and surrounding areas is poor. Changes in climate, especially the changes in precipitation and evapotranspiration predicted by climate models, will directly affect soil moisture, surface runoff, and groundwater recharge.

The contamination caused damage not only in animals and plants but also in the same man. Economies evolved to suit the needs of the societies they served.

Mitigation is the creation of new habitat, or the guarding of an existing habitat to "make up" for the destruction of similar habitat somewhere else. Many attempts have been made to limit the amount of human progress and expansion, though development has been halted.

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