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If you would like to be more involved in its production, help is needed.

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Conventional policing shows less use of high tech tool for attaining criminal justice objectives, but with the advancement in technology the role information technology tools play has become a crucial success factor of policing. So far, the video has received a very positive response. These claims also misrepresented the overall data regarding staffing and recruitment, focusing on approximately 20 people leaving in a department of nearly 1, while ignoring the fact that there were 3, applicants for open 25 positions. Thank you all. Send a kind word or thought of encouragement as we make our way to healthy relations for us all. May 23 Hello Sponsors, New Update. A wonderful connection with these fine folks doing good works for our force. I met the La Mesa police chief at a local gathering, we addressed the project, and he took documentation to review. Nevertheless SDPD must implement further strategic measures for sustainability of its mission of fighting crime. It will be a success story in the film.

We were very well received by the club, and a number of contacts were made, including Jerry who brought the idea of expanding the audience of the film to law enforcement families, and officers who have already retired or left the force.

All on the same team! Her comeback story will be a focal point in the film. I somehow mistook an actual recording with a preliminary conversation, and after our phone call ended, I realized that this may have been recorded.

An analysis of the organizational chart reveals that the department is arranged in a way of a business organization with the Chief of Police as the CEO, and the managers take places lower in the hierarchy.

The organizational hierarchy is top down, however possesses horizontal attributes, which make communication between individuals working at the same level horizontal communication and also across departments.

There will be more details upcoming about the special event.

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I had a great conversation with Dr. If you know any businesses or agencies that would like their logo on such a higher purpose project, please pass this along. This interview was special since it took place at the site of the shooting incident. Nearly all of the top pensions are police and fire personnel who received massive lump sum payments under the DROP program. San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan is also following up on the agenda for this July meeting of the police chiefs. The Los Angeles Sheriff will also be contacted in case I can film both on the same day. This includes activities from installation of software of laptop machines to the use of Automated Field Reporting AFR devices. Stephanie Samuels, the Director and Founder of Copline, Inc, is a licensed clinical social worker with a passion to ensure law enforcement officers get all the support they need — from recruit through retirement. This film will be made. This dynamite woman, who has been a dispatcher in her career, offered smart and yet heartfelt answers to my questions.

Ready to tell a story of wellness, healing and hope. Thank you everyone!

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Sponsorship will include covering post-production as well as costs associated with disseminating the educational film care package nationwide Sunday, May 12 — Saturday, May 18,during what is known as National Police Week.

Coming down to the wire.

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To attend click HERE. She talked of officers having to symbolically carry rock upon rock in a backpack, where over time their emotional and mental health can become a heavy burden. More HERE. The reason for giving ethics a high importance is crucial for the acceptance of the police department by the people it is established for. July 3 I was so honored and thrilled to interview retired assistant chief Sarah Creighton today. Omar Sinclairof the SDPD to capture footage as well as document the way the chaplain serves the officers who serve our community. Thank you Sean Sheppard and Celina Ner! See him HERE A clinical psychologist who works extensively with officers in their mental health wellness. Think how huge that will be for all the officers below him in knowing how safe it would be to reach out for support. Please pass this along to anyone you believe would find it of interest, or who could support in the crowdfunding.
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