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See the most current MLA Handbook for detailed full citation discussion, a list of all elements in order , and punctuation rules, and for endnotes or footnotes, or the in-text citation option. Michael B. The name of the particular bible should be italicized or underlined. Bibliography authors, editor, multi-volume. Kohlberger III. Crucify him! Write in the location of publication, a colon, and name of publisher, comma, and then year of publication. Proverbs : a New Translation with Introduction and Commentary. Endnote or footnote: For example: The Bible. When making bible citation in an essay mostly it depends with the format that you have been given to follow, for example the American Psychology Association MLA or even the APA style. For example: [6] Sophie Laws

MLA - Citing Bible Reference Sources How to cite encyclopedia or dictionary entries: To find entry authors, look at the end of the entry -- often "signed" by contributor. For additional citations of the same text, you can then simply give the passage being referenced in brackets. In the reference list, all you need to do is identify the version of the text cited: The Bible: New International Version.

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Take him away! Bibliography: Option 1: Weems, Renita J.

how to cite the bible apa

Avoid misplaced citation in your essay. Title of Commentary. David Noel Freedman. Robert A. However, you may want to check your style guide on this, as many universities prefer students to include all cited sources.

In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world. When writing your essay using making several quotes from the same bible version write it ones, then throughout write just the book name, chapter and verse.

One should simply use the standard abbreviation of the version of the Bible e. How to cite an essay in a collection: Many items in books featuring articles that are indexed by the ATLA Religion Database are essays that are contributions to published works -- in a 'collection.

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Also note that normal word order style is used for editor's name. This should be listed alphabetically using the text name e. John Endnote or footnote: Hudson observes, however, that for scholarly or reference works that contain a large number of citations in running text, abbreviations may be used simply to reduce the length of the prose, and that a similar exception can be made for cases where a large number of citations are used in parentheses. Bibliography entry author, set editor, multi-volume : Klauck, Hans-Josef. Bibliography authors, editor, multi-volume. In these cases, this general editor is NOT the author. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, It is a pdf at You'll need to scroll down past the preface and title page. New York: Doubleday, Most Bibles give preferred abbreviation guides in their tables of contents, or at the front of the book. Michael B. Title of Commentary.
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