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Canon Inc. It would allow Canon to target a much wider audience by investing much less than conventional ways.

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The market of UK is very saturated with lot of customer with different types of products and strategies. Through new inventions, Canon is committed to meeting the ever-growing expectations for digital camera. This may help in sustaining and increasing market share and declining profit margin. This product focuses the whole market and Canon has adopted the cost leadership strategy for this product. The product offer full warranty, after sales service and online support for trouble shooting and software as per Canon policy. It was the kind of interaction that perhaps only the Internet could provide. The product life cycle is expected to be 14 to 18 months, the product can achieve its growth stage in 4 or 5 months and can reach at maturity stage in 7 or 8 month and may be declined over 14 months due to new technologies and development Refer to appendix 1: figure 7. However new product will require cost of sale, additional distribution and promotional expenditure, which can create problem for company. These new markets will allow Canon in expanding and diversifying its products and services. Canon has developed fast distribution network for availability of its products in time. Canon Europe is also expanding business activities in the Middle East and Africa, including the recent establishment of a local sales company in Saudi Arabia, where much economic growth is expected. The change in technology is forcing the people to renew or replace their products so the hybrid SLR camera will drive the people to replace their camera.

High prices: Few products produced by canon are high priced which compels customers to look for low priced products of other brands. Therefore because of such a heavy competition from many companies Canon Inc. The work that came out of the campaign was then shown at a Canon-produced film festival in New York City inand it lives online for all to see.

In recent years, the company has strengthened its customer-oriented marketing and reinforced its digital marketing, including the design of user-friendly e-commerce sites and enhancing the efficiency of after-marketing activities.

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If we analyse the marketing objective strategically with market situation we see that the company is going to offer new product in current market to sustain its market shareto capture competitor share and to activate in-active user so the product offered has new improved quality and features Refer to Ansoff matrix: Appendix1.

In Vietnam, the focus is on the younger generations. At the China International Import Expo, held for the first time inproducts and solutions from such industries as business and healthcare were exhibited, reflecting the diverse strengths of the Canon Group.

Developing new technology also allows company in building competitive barrier for its rivals. The company shall take up the strategies to avoid that situation with hitting promotions that will never turn up the customers towards other companies and brands.

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The company also holds national dealer summits to reinforce relationships with top dealers. It makes the company benefited selling its goods to diverse set of markets.

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Canon Marketing Project