Aqa design and technology product design coursework specification

You must ensure that you are familiar with the prototype before it is taken off site and also verify it after any off site work has been completed to ensure that the only work that has been completed off site is what has been discussed beforehand.

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The student has produced a design specification which is lacking in some detail and will only guide student's design thinking to a limited extent.

Basic use of a single or only simple, modelling technique swith limited evidence that this supports any subsequent development work. Get someone a parent or friend to read your work and see if it is logical and makes sense.

aqa as/a-level design and technology: product design pdf

For further information about teacher standardisation visit our website at aqa. Avoiding malpractice Please inform your students of the AQA regulations concerning malpractice. Section B: Producing a design brief and specification The student is required to produce a clearly stated and challenging design brief that addresses the context and meets the needs of the intended user s.

First concepts are mostly relevant to the context and feasible for further development and are communicated through a variety of methods and techniques which are mostly appropriate.

aqa design and technology specimen paper
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