12 angry men juror #9 essay

I did.

12 angry men juror 8

I want to hear more. Our respect for Juror 9 only grows when he becomes the first person other than Juror 8 to give a vote for Not Guilty in the murder case.

12 angry men juror #9 essay

We can be her all night. Juror 7 : No, I wouldn't like you to tell me why. You have no right to leave this room -! He was a very old man with a torn jacket, and he carried two canes. You can twist 'em anyway you like, you know what I mean? Juror 4 : Now calm down, calm down! Nine admits to it after Three accuses Five. Download it! I don't. I think I know him better than anyone here. He left the verdict up to us. He is a football coach and he tells the story on how this really talented player lost the last game of the season and how when he lost the game he just stared into to space.

Juror Twelve complains about the heat in Well, it's not easy to stand alone against the ridicule of others, so he gambled for support Combined, this shows Juror Nine is an old man. He voted guilty the first time.

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Nine reminds them that the old man was very positive about the length of time. Since when is dishonesty a group characteristic? You know that.

why did juror 9 change his vote

He always questions the witness statement.

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Juror #9 (Joseph Sweeny) in 12 Angry Men